A few (well not so few) months later..

now now.. its been quite a while since i last wrote in here.. so maybe i’ll try to update u on as much as possible.. but that might take a post or 2.. well this post i’ll most probably dedicate it to my friends.. and the little family we kinda form around in here.. (for those who dont know (yet) or have forgotten.. i live or rather study overhere in Malaysia.. intending on graduating from here as an engineer..*keep fingers crossed*.. ^.^ )

So, a family is it ? Then who are the members ? we all know Mauritius is quite some multicultural society.. n our little ‘family’ quite reflects that.. Good/Bad? i’d say LOVELY family.. We’ve got it all.. like the old quote..”The Good, The Bad, and the (not ugly) but LOVELY” in our case..

Ladies first..

1st: Joanna

Mémé JO, as she’s affectionately known as..  She does it all for us.. She cares? or does she ? for all of us.. can be a crazy character sometimes.. often goes into overdrive mode.. and u’d rather not want to confront her when she’s not have her usual dosage of sleep.. *havoc* well, well, she’s one intelligent Mémé Jo, a high achiever, and sort-of, perfectionnist.. Thank you, dear ol’ JO..

2nd: Shalinee

Fifi Shal, the young daughter of the family.. (daddy comes somwhere later in this article, keep reading fellas).. somewhat on the outgoing scale.. definitely crazy, smart.. and altogether, whole lot clumsy.. a bit of a tubelight.. yet, often understands a lot from little, sometimes way too much.. but we wont blame her for that, will we? after all, she’s from Qec, ppl.. hope on graduating as engineer from somewhere in america.. but i still dont get it why she’s studied world war 2 and history, in order to build planes.. serioulsy ppl.. WTH ?..

3rd: Ayesha

Tantine Ayesha, one of the most interesting characters of the family.. the most hardworking? well, only in needed moments, like maybe on the eve of submitting an assignment or a lab report.. but intelligent she is, and u dont need to be a genius to figure that out,.. that she’s one unique piece… football and sports addict, hardcore LP fan, nocturnal girl, u never know when does she sleep, or if actually she ever practices the art that is sleeping.. she’s the cool and down to earth Tantine Ayesha..

4th: Varsha

Fifi Varsh, or affectionately known as little miss ti poule or ‘ayam kecil’ is perhaps the most funny member of our little family.. living quite far from us, the few times we ever meet up for a family dinner, there cannot be a single time where nothing funny happens around her, where often, she’s done something wrong, or being the ultimate ‘tubelight’, she takes time to understand what we are up to.. The Family’s never bored with her around.. u know we love u ti poule.. 😛 Does the family remember the Carl Jr’s episode? plane? duty free shop? do i need to add more ? 😛

5th: Teerousha

A new member of the family, but who seems to have been here for quite a while, nicknamed ‘mami’.. but some unknown and not so obvious reasons, she’s the ultimate laughing machine. Clumsy, funny, yet adorable. Fifi Shal’s partner she is in almost everything, she knows how to tease, but often ends up being teased by the others herself.. The only one around who’s planning on majoring in psychology, she’s herself an open book to read in, and too predictible. but as we all say, practice makes perfect.. who knows, she might read ur mind in a few months time.. *spooky thought*.. lol

Gentlemen follow..

1st: Kaneesh

Known to everyone as Kahn or bayo, he’s the ‘beautiful mind’ of the family.. l’enfant exemplaire.. does his homework, eats his food, and everything that goes along. but wait, he also knows how to laugh, and surely make ppl laugh, u can always count on him.. if u got a problem in practically any subject.. who do u end up turning to? Bayo of course.. Following Tantine Ayesh, he’s one who does not sleep, well he does maybe.. but often may go up to 24 hours without sleep. do count on him to catch up after though..he might not answer ur calls or msgs for quite a while 😛

2nd: Shuhaib

Also known as Bino to all of us.. he’s Fifi Shal’s half brother.. (now dont ask me why,thats complicated ppl).. now thats called the most most euh.. funny? bouffon? now thats a kid who knows wat he’s up to.. but often ends up doing 1-2 things wrong, n then lands himself into really weird situations.. he’s the joke machine, u can always count on him to say something that will definitely make u laugh ur guts out.. do count on him to do weird things or try weirdo food overhere.. till now he’s not found a single food item thats not edible in his list.. farts, burps, wondering around the house almost naked, playboy. he has it all.. Fifi Shal described his half bro as being a ‘rainbow’.. up to u guys to figure it all out..

3rd: Raiyan

Famously known as Rayx, bro of shuhaib, n of the other kids.. he’s the special one of his kind.. the ultimate Man Utd fan.. he’d die for them.. “my blood is red, red is the color of Man Utd..” raiyan, gifted football player.. known to be calm and quiet.. he can have his ‘moments’ where he can be on the teasing side.. then u wont be able to escape.. known to be a good cook, is the calm kiddo in the place.. 1 piece of advice, never insult Man Utd in front of him, that might be the last thing u’ll ever do.. 🙂

4th: Sooman

ahh… the colorful kid, we adopted..(from i dont know where, and i dont know why).. an integral part of the family now. likes clubbing where he teams up with Fifi Shal to form a ‘duo de choc’ .. avid drinker. he’s known to like the good things.. nicknamed ‘Prince madras’ by Bino, he certainly lives up to the name when he’s got the chance.. ‘why not?’ he’d say if u asked.. Pierced, who knows, a tattoo might be on the way? wat say ? did i mention that he’s one of the only mauritian’s i know to date who does NOT like ‘du riz, bouillon’ ? but on the other side, he’s one of the real mauritians out there, likes everything else related to the island..

5th: Anuraag

The Bayo Supreme, as he’s known.. for whom everyone is a bayo and who can easily befriend ANYONE out there, he’s certainly famous for the things he’s said.. while not everytime being right, often goes off topic, making a fool of himself, but who cares, thats the fun about it, he’ll say. he’s certainly got the guts to do weird things, but can end up being a ‘lapino’ in a few cases.. listen to him talk 1 day, he can about about 3 different situations and ppl in a single sentence which actually can have no meaning.. but guess wat, u’ll probably choke laughing.. of course he’ll realise that a few minutes later, and end up laughing too.. funny funny..

and then there’s me…

well i’m just me 🙂
And that’s our little family, there are some other special appearence members, which i’ll probably talk about later.. till then..

God Bless my family..

Love u ppl 🙂

a few members of the family..

Fifi Varsh..13072008(017)



a few members of the family..

11 Responses to A few (well not so few) months later..

  1. bino says:

    well well well..i can see that u described ur relationships very well with every1..but i can feel therz something missing 4 som1!!!

  2. $oom@n says:

    Sooman likes this post….well written… love it

  3. Varsh says:

    heyyyy keshhhh…..watever u wrote is really touching…..mne bien riyer kan mne read saaa…..dan mo ti p streC la saaaa,mne DstreC tou imp laaa……thnkss…u r a great frnd n im proud of being yrs n part of our “little family”….. :)))

    groooo bizouuuuu

    gudluck 2 every1 having exams….

  4. K-shv says:

    LOL @ bino..

    Thx Sooman

    Thx Varsh, touching words.. see u sooooooooooooooooon 😀

  5. Teerousha says:

    mmmm im impressed mr keshav!!!!
    to bien observer!!!
    b super top wat u wrote
    really really like this

  6. ayesha says:

    beautiful piece of blog that was 😛
    right words at the right places 🙂

    thanks n cheers to ur blog! ^^

  7. K-shv says:

    Thank you Teerou

    Thank you Ayesha…

    nice from u ppl.. keep reading 🙂

  8. Jo says:

    hmm…nice description of our little family…mémé Jo in bien apprécié…cheers kesh…

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