Me, My parents, and I


Hello Fellas,

I know its been a long time since i wrote here, but no worries, i’m back now and (hopefully) with a bang. I’m here today in the library and its 9.14pm and i am blogging to u guys, while knowing that i’m gonna lose around half an hour of my so called precious time, while i could be well off with my revision.. (revising Electromagnetism sure does its lot to your brain).. well guys while revising and i dont know what more, i came to realise 1 thing, well (obviously thats from my point of view).. the only thing apart from the academic stuff i was thinking about today, was my parents. Being some 6000 miles away does not help but instead add its weight to the case. Well, most of you ppl who are studying far from our beloved motherland, will undoubtedly feel the pain that is to be far from our parents. The idea of this article was buzzing through my mind since quite some time and no doubt the trigger was pulled the other day when one of my friends actually asked me if i ever missed my parents, and thats what got me thinking! DO I MISS MY PARENTS?

Well guys, truth is, I never really thought about it in this particular way. But then, again i asked myself the question and thought about it well. And the answer came with a BANG! Of course, i DO! At first i though i didn’t. Some of you may tell me i’m mad or weird or anything because you cannot be some thousand miles away from the most important people in your life and not actually miss them! True aint it? Well, i’m not weird at all in then end, RIGHT!? aha!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😮

Well truth is i never said openly i missed them.. Coz actually coming here to study made me realise that to succeed you have to try put that emotional link aside. I’ve seen and heard many go down just because they were actually missing their home, their bed, their relatives and this and that.. so first thing i did, coming over here, was to be strong and live life normally, coz here would actually be me ‘home’.. Some didnt understand me, but i did understand myself and that worked perfectly until some got me thinking. Oh well, it doesnt change anything, does it ?

Today, with all the technological means we have at our disposal, certainly, communication is NOT a problem. A text message, an email, a conference call, MSN, Skype, or even the conventional call definitely helps us all to talk to our parents. Well now people should also understand that there is absolutely no need to OVER-communicate as well as UNDER-communicate.. Some ppl i know send msgs everyday and sometimes several msgs in a row just to say what they are doing or what they are up to etc.. some call everyday while in some cases, some get calls once a week and in the extreme cases once every month or so. wat i think is that the once-a-week style does suit many of us. well it does suit me, even if its not my case. but again you might not think as i do. but definitely the over-communication is bad. You’ve been sent away from home for your own good and development and smsing, calling everyday surely doesnt justify that rite? you should have at least some freedom and actually start learning to live your life independently.

Well people, ’nuff said, i think i’m gonna stop here for now… Got more important things to do.. something called REVISION is waiting for me, arms wide open…ohh sorry books and copybooks wide open! :p

Catchup with u guys later 😀

P.S: MUM, DAD, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU.. This one’s for you

5 Responses to Me, My parents, and I

  1. Shal says:

    Heyyyy Kesh..
    That was a nice one.. Hold on.. To pou ale lakaz em la.. 🙂
    Best of luck pou to revision.. ek to dan library 9 hr asoir??????? To bien??? LOL 😛

    Best of luck/:)

  2. Varsh says:

    thts really a nice one keshhh…. 🙂
    loved it..
    i agree with u… 🙂
    bon courage pu to revision…
    n Gudluck 4 yr coming exmas…
    tke cre

  3. Khalil A. says:

    Ah, the sophomore blues. Good luck with that – and the exams.

  4. SpaRoW says:

    Piaoliang Bro! I agree to agree with you 😉 (L)

  5. Bernard says:

    Stay strong there Kesh. We are gonna make it!

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