‘Holy’ – days ?

As i write to you tonite, i’m preparing to fly back to my dear old home country “MAURITIUS”.. Well looking back at what i’ve done this year far away from my country, i do feel surprised. What i’ve achieved, gone thru, endured, well everything takes its toll on us at the end rite? So now, going back home after 9 long months far away from home does seem strange to me.

As a matter of fact, to tell you truly, i see everyone all excited at going back, packing, doing last minute shoppings for everyone back home, whilst i sat back, pushing all sorts of ‘shopping’ i had to do to the last minute. Is is really bad not to actually ‘feel’ like going back? 9 months of getting used to living on my own, doing everything by myself, and then now going back to where you’ll be ‘pampered’ over the duration of your stay.. Pretty interesting idea for many.. As for me, i feel weird, neither happy nor sad. No feelings at all.. :S

So, then? What about these ‘holy’-days? For us people at uni, they surely ARE Holy!!! Thats the time we get to purify ourselves, refresh and then start all over again. Relaxation is the key word here.. But then again, let’s think about it.. What does our Mauritian Culture say about these holidays.. Time to learn new things, time to meet relatives, time to do this and that, time to plan ahead, time to think about what was done and how was it done, time to think about how it could have been better, time to think how to make things better, time to think how to improve, time to learn for next year.. Well as you can see, it’s not pretty much time to relax is it? :S

“Malaysia, Land of Opportunities” it was said in the Cultural Adaptation Workshop at the start of the year. Indeed, this country did give me the opportunity to discover myself, to fend for myself, to learn, to learn a LOT i should say, and for that i should also be grateful for the wonderful friends i have overhere, both local and international ones. Throughout the 9 months i’ve been here, i’ve done a lot, some things for the first times, some done over and over again, did things wrong, did things right, but in the end, do i care? (yes i do), but i’d say no because sometimes it seems so easy, but deep inside, you know you’ve worked hard to achieve something, so you should be happy with the result you got in the end 😛

As i sit here blogging to you tonite, i look to my left and see my almost completed suitcase, i feel both sad and happy. sad to leave my freedom here and happy to go home and not be free from parental love, sad to leave my own lonesome cocoon and going into the open wild that’s my country, sad to leave the food i ate out almost everyday but happy to go home and enjoy all those awesomely goody good home made food.. Again mixed feelings fog my mind as i’m left wondering what i’ve still not packed with a few hours left.

I better stop here for today and go rest before the trip. Aha! i’ve remembered! i still got the laptop to pack!

So folks, here’s me wishing you all A Happy Jolly Goody Good Holidays and hope its ‘Holy’ for you all!

Be Good, Do Good 🙂

Cheers 😀

One Response to ‘Holy’ – days ?

  1. Varsh says:

    niceee…. 🙂

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