Religion, thou shall not be a barrier..

February 20, 2010

Do we really care ? A simple question to start with.. Do we, people of the 21st century care that much about religion? Well, most of you will say, ‘of course we do’.. But honestly, do you? I write this article today to try voice out what i think and perhaps to be able to know what YOU think..

In today’s world, what matters the most to people is money and status.. Love, affection, and everything else follows.. But hold on, what about God? Now perhaps you’ll say, in this list it doesn’t count, as God is one thing we never forget and who’s always here for us, and that we always care about God.. But come to think about it people, often you don’t.. You think about what’s best for you and seldom do as you please.. Now to believe or not to believe is a choice you have and that is all up to you…

I must point out that here, religion and belief in God are 2 different things.. What this is all about is, how in our modern world, religion is somehow becoming a barrier… And its often  the cause for preventing us from moving forward.. Religion and racism, both work together… I ain’t pinpointing anyone or any specific ethnic group here, please remember this..  But i want you to take a minute and think, whether you have noticed or you know of any cases where because of religion or race, haven’t been able to do something or achieve something else… How in time, religion and race has hampered the progress of some individual..

It is no surprise to anyone of us, and many of you know what i’m talking about.. Long ago, we talked about how the ‘whites’ made slaves out of the ‘black’.. What better example could there be to illustrate this? Now, this has taken a whole new dimension.. In today’s world, OUR modern world and so called, ‘technologically-advanced’ and ‘open-minded’ societies, we still noticed how various ethnic groups are segregated and fight among themselves.. Here in Mauritius, where we call ourselves a ‘multiracial society’, sure it looks beautiful from the eyes of a tourist, when he looks at the people of Mauritius and wonders how come we live so ‘peacefully’ together.. BUT come to look at it through the eyes of a local Mauritian, and its a whole new story.. You will see hatred, anger and perhaps fear.. Even though one doesn’t admit it in the wide open (and surely one won’t), he does hate his fellow countryman, just because he comes from a different religious background.. It is no lie.. This does happen.. People talk.. People talk about everyone.. We’re just slaves of this vicious circle..

Some of us try to break away from this cycle, some manage to, others just remain prisoners.. At least once in his life, he’ll hear his own parents or family, talk negatively about people of a different religion.. Those who break away, think otherwise, then only, do they have an ‘open mind’ and treat everyone as equal.. At work, or anywhere in society, there’s competition as to who should be the best, who’s the strongest.. and i ask WHY ? Why the discrimination? Why the hatred? Why the racism? W-H-Y ??? Are we not all human??? Just because i have been taught a different story about God, that i’m different and no good? Just because my skin color is different that i am inferior?? Seriously people, WHAT THE HELL????

They say Love is Blind… But consider this statement again.. Is it really? Today, i’d say it sees more clearly than anyone.. It sees you.. Today, parents dictate our choices mostly.. If you have to fall in love, fall in love with someone of the same religion, that’s the first lesson they teach you.. But love HAPPENS, you don’t make it happen! Religion is a big barrier when it comes to heart matters… When you love someone, do u go and find out everything first and then fall in love? or does it just happen, and only later on that u start knowing everything? Today, religion should NOT have been such a big deal… Because loving the person is what matters the most.. When you’re a successful individual and so is you beloved, you’re bound to live on a nice life and live well..  But then come the parents.. The latter will start telling you, no he/she should be of the same religion and so on.. if now by chance he/she is of the same religion, they bring up another issue, he/she must be of the same caste.. now SERIOUSLY , WHAT THE F*** ????? Your parents should perhaps think that, YOU are the one making your life now on.. Why do they have to judge you?? Just because people will talk in town?? Why do you even bother?? Coz they got their own life too.. So then wat? WHY the racism? WHY put religion as a barrier??? W-H-Y ? This all goes beyond my understanding… Why on earth when even to love, all this has to come into play??

Why Relgion, Why???

Dear God, why bring religion as barrier in between love?

Dear God, Please don’t make me choose… My faith lies with you, but my love lies elsewhere..

Religion, thou shall not be a barrier, thou shall be my companion… Love shall be my destiny and my victory…

Pathetic !

February 5, 2010

Now now, some time back i did say i was working on a blog article, so here it is.. now why this title? Well of course, there is always a reason as to why my entry titles are so striking.. Obviously, i’m going to tell you why. Some of you might know that some days ago i was talking about how youngsters today are getting more and more crazier and more and more..pathetic.. Again, i must make it a point that whatever i say here are personal views and you might or might not agree..  I write what i believe myself.. So let’s get to the point..

What are we dealing with here? Is it just me or many of you agree with me? Some say, its generation gap getting worse.. Others say that its just the way life is moving too fast for some of us to catch it while some are actually getting the hang of it.. These days we talk about Facebook, Twitter, or i don’t know what more.. We’re talking about Iphones, touch screens, million megapixels cameras and what not else more technological advances.. but hold on, how does that make youngsters pathetic..? Now, you might be wondering i’m talking about youngsters and i’m myself one.. but the thing is, some things might make me different in the way i think.. i’m different..still young though..

Now the other day, i went to this wedding ceremony.. very fancy thing around here.. loads of people, all dressed up  for the occasion and stuff.. but as always my mind is not in what’s happening during the ceremony but instead what’s happening around it, the ‘backstage’ stuff.. my favorite occupation in a boring situation: OBSERVATION-STALKING. now the stalking part is just for note purposes.. Let me explain now.. the only thing i do is to observe how people act or what they talk about… now this might be wrong, but i choose my ‘victims’ 😛 Now this is interesting.. because most of the time, its young girls and boys having conversations about their so called social life.. The world of youngsters is only dominated by technology these days.. The boys showing off their new gadgets out, one better than the other, while the girls are out showing off their own ‘tools’.. Now, i know that we are actually going through economic recession, but correct me if i’m wrong, is that the reason why girls these days seem to be wearing lesser and lesser clothes? well, its their choice and their life also, who are we to judge them.. But the thing is, me being ME, i simply just can’t stop wondering why they are so lame.. they think by wearing less clothes, they become the center of attraction amongst the crowd.. but thinking about, who gives a damn? in weddings, anyways, people that come are just here for a bit of ‘socialization’ time and then for the food…’we came, we ate, we went’.. that’s the motto these days..

Now again coming to the moment when i overheard that small group of youngsters talking.. they were barely 16 or so i guess from their looks.. they were talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends and the things happening in their lives.. My point is, is it the right time for them to engage in such kinds of relationships.. you might as well say, “didn’t you go thru all this when you were at college?” the answer is yes and no.. the point is, at this moment in life, you start to realize  where you perhaps were wrong before, and try to give some free advice to others so that they don’t go through the same things you went through.. Personal experiences might differ from person to person, but seriously, trying out this bf/gf at 16years old, is totally wrong.. you’re young, you want to experience new things, some get into alcohol, others cigarette, and others bf/gf.. that’s the whole point, grow up first then you decide it all.. i might be biased in saying all this.. but again these are my personal views…another piece of advice, never misinterpret lust or ‘ease of getting along’ with love.. that’s a mistake ladies and gentlemen..

well friends, i’ll pen down for now…

Howdy ppl..

feel free to leave your comments and views 🙂