Pathetic !

February 5, 2010

Now now, some time back i did say i was working on a blog article, so here it is.. now why this title? Well of course, there is always a reason as to why my entry titles are so striking.. Obviously, i’m going to tell you why. Some of you might know that some days ago i was talking about how youngsters today are getting more and more crazier and more and more..pathetic.. Again, i must make it a point that whatever i say here are personal views and you might or might not agree.. ย I write what i believe myself.. So let’s get to the point..

What are we dealing with here? Is it just me or many of you agree with me? Some say, its generation gap getting worse.. Others say that its just the way life is moving too fast for some of us to catch it while some are actually getting the hang of it.. These days we talk about Facebook, Twitter, or i don’t know what more.. We’re talking about Iphones, touch screens, million megapixels cameras and what not else more technological advances.. but hold on, how does that make youngsters pathetic..? Now, you might be wondering i’m talking about youngsters and i’m myself one.. but the thing is, some things might make me different in the way i think.. i’m different..still young though..

Now the other day, i went to this wedding ceremony.. very fancy thing around here.. loads of people, all dressed up ย for the occasion and stuff.. but as always my mind is not in what’s happening during the ceremony but instead what’s happening around it, the ‘backstage’ stuff.. my favorite occupation in a boring situation: OBSERVATION-STALKING. now the stalking part is just for note purposes.. Let me explain now.. the only thing i do is to observe how people act or what they talk about… now this might be wrong, but i choose my ‘victims’ ๐Ÿ˜› Now this is interesting.. because most of the time, its young girls and boys having conversations about their so called social life.. The world of youngsters is only dominated by technology these days.. The boys showing off their new gadgets out, one better than the other, while the girls are out showing off their own ‘tools’.. Now, i know that we are actually going through economic recession, but correct me if i’m wrong, is that the reason why girls these days seem to be wearing lesser and lesser clothes? well, its their choice and their life also, who are we to judge them.. But the thing is, me being ME, i simply just can’t stop wondering why they are so lame.. they think by wearing less clothes, they become the center of attraction amongst the crowd.. but thinking about, who gives a damn? in weddings, anyways, people that come are just here for a bit of ‘socialization’ time and then for the food…’we came, we ate, we went’.. that’s the motto these days..

Now again coming to the moment when i overheard that small group of youngsters talking.. they were barely 16 or so i guess from their looks.. they were talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends and the things happening in their lives.. My point is, is it the right time for them to engage in such kinds of relationships.. you might as well say, “didn’t you go thru all this when you were at college?” the answer is yes and no.. the point is, at this moment in life, you start toย realizeย ย where you perhaps were wrong before, and try to give some free advice to others so that they don’t go through the same things you went through.. Personal experiences might differ from person to person, but seriously, trying out this bf/gf at 16years old, is totally wrong.. you’re young, you want to experience new things, some get into alcohol, others cigarette, and others bf/gf.. that’s the whole point, grow up first then you decide it all.. i might be biased in saying all this.. but again these are my personal views…another piece of advice, never misinterpret lust or ‘ease of getting along’ with love.. that’s a mistake ladies and gentlemen..

well friends, i’ll pen down for now…

Howdy ppl..

feel free to leave your comments and views ๐Ÿ™‚

Me, My parents, and I

October 20, 2009


Hello Fellas,

I know its been a long time since i wrote here, but no worries, i’m back now and (hopefully) with a bang. I’m here today in the library and its 9.14pm and i am blogging to u guys, while knowing that i’m gonna lose around half an hour of my so called precious time, while i could be well off with my revision.. (revising Electromagnetism sure does its lot to your brain).. well guys while revising and i dont know what more, i came to realise 1 thing, well (obviously thats from my point of view).. the only thing apart from the academic stuff i was thinking about today, was my parents. Being some 6000 miles away does not help but instead add its weight to the case. Well, most of you ppl who are studying far from our beloved motherland, will undoubtedly feel the pain that is to be far from our parents. The idea of this article was buzzing through my mind since quite some time and no doubt the trigger was pulled the other day when one of my friends actually asked me if i ever missed my parents, and thats what got me thinking! DO I MISS MY PARENTS?

Well guys, truth is, I never really thought about it in this particular way. But then, again i asked myself the question and thought about it well. And the answer came with a BANG! Of course, i DO! At first i though i didn’t. Some of you may tell me i’m mad or weird or anything because you cannot be some thousand miles away from the most important people in your life and not actually miss them! True aint it? Well, i’m not weird at all in then end, RIGHT!? aha!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Well truth is i never said openly i missed them.. Coz actually coming here to study made me realise that to succeed you have to try put that emotional link aside. I’ve seen and heard many go down just because they were actually missing their home, their bed, their relatives and this and that.. so first thing i did, coming over here, was to be strong and live life normally, coz here would actually be me ‘home’.. Some didnt understand me, but i did understand myself and that worked perfectly until some got me thinking. Oh well, it doesnt change anything, does it ?

Today, with all the technological means we have at our disposal, certainly, communication is NOT a problem. A text message, an email, a conference call, MSN, Skype, or even the conventional call definitely helps us all to talk to our parents. Well now people should also understand that there is absolutely no need to OVER-communicate as well as UNDER-communicate.. Some ppl i know send msgs everyday and sometimes several msgs in a row just to say what they are doing or what they are up to etc.. some call everyday while in some cases, some get calls once a week and in the extreme cases once every month or so. wat i think is that the once-a-week style does suit many of us. well it does suit me, even if its not my case. but again you might not think as i do. but definitely the over-communication is bad. You’ve been sent away from home for your own good and development and smsing, calling everyday surely doesnt justify that rite? you should have at least some freedom and actually start learning to live your life independently.

Well people, ’nuff said, i think i’m gonna stop here for now… Got more important things to do.. something called REVISION is waiting for me, arms wide open…ohh sorry books and copybooks wide open! :p

Catchup with u guys later ๐Ÿ˜€

P.S: MUM, DAD, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU.. This one’s for you

Change…is the only constant

September 21, 2008

Yes indeed. here i am blog.. back..after a long long LONG time.. a lot of things has changed around me since the last time i ever wrote to you.. i no longer am in mauritius, but since the last time, my current location has changed to Malaysia.. Aha!! What am i doing here? Well, for those who don’t know, i am currently studying here.. 1st year, 1st sem student in the Faculty of Engineering, Monash University.. WOW.. seems great isn’t it? well actually, it might not be as cool as u guys think.. engineering is one of the toughest branches in which u might wanna enagage to study into.. i know, students from other faculties might disagree with me.. but engineering IS the most difficult..

well, wat about my life now ? hmm, where am i living? wat am i eating? how is the atmosphere here? wat have i been up to ? hmm.. so, well i am currently living in an apartment, sharing my room with a guy called Mayurran (Mayu for short), damn cool this guy ๐Ÿ™‚ room is ok, as long as it clean n ok.. i’m cool with it.. well, as for the eating part, food here is nice, and relatively cheap.. u get a great variety of food, ranging from Indonesian, Malay, indian, chinese, and the usual western fast foods.. atmosphere here is nice, the friends are.. friendly and the girls are beautiful ๐Ÿ˜› haha..i’ve been here almost 3 months now, and got used to the environment pretty well.. there are other Mauritian friends too, so i think that’s what makes life easier a bit.. we hang out together, go out, eat..and so on.. studies get harder as each week goes by..(that was to be expected, wasnt it)..

till now, i’ve mixed up well in here, and living here is pretty much easy.. but i’ve had my breakdowns also.. people i loved have gone far away from me, some just broke me down, without caring.. without thinking wat wud happen to me.. some went to study in other countries, and the probability of meeting them again seems very low, since our holidays do not quite match.. some just went away silently without saying a word, without saying bye.. wat would it have cost them.. i’ve had setbacks.. quite a few to say, since i’ve been here.. but in the end, i’ve emerged again and still the same old Kshv, the one, u know, the one who’ll never change.. the only one..

– Kshv –

Click !

April 4, 2008

ย 9f04.jpg

ahem ahem… well well.. i’m back to my old and very dear blog of mine..its been a while since i last updated.. a lot has changed in that period but i must say, i still remain the same old guy, the very much ‘down-to-earth’ Kshv.. some of u might be wondering whether i’m down-to-earth..well i think i am.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ since i last updated, time has moved on, we had aged a bit more, trees have grown, rain has poured its lot over our heads, we’ve had loads of sunshine, i’ve had loads of goody-good things to eat, had some fun out wid friends and have had no school!! yippiiiiiii! but wait a minute.. am i happy not to go to school anymore? YES i am.. euhmm but at the same time i aint happy too.. :s oh dear me… my school misses me.. or is it the other way round..LOL ! ahhh… yes.. having no stress of the usual ‘school-goers’ has done a lot of gooooood to me.. (AND BAD too!) no school = no stress.. but no school = boredom also.. yes yes, we can be pretty well bored staying at home, doing nothing apart from >> “eat, drink, sleep, tv, pC, eat, drink, pC, tv, sleep”… gosh.. wat a life.. how much time can u spend watching tv, or remain glued to your chair in front of that computer screen… damnit.. *Headache* ! i thought taking up some work somewhere would do some some good.. alas! that wasnt the case.. coz the work i got involves loads of computing.. shitty evolution of work ohh.. but. no school also allowed me to devote some time to an ageing desire of mine: learning to play guitar! YES! i started a basic course and mind u, i’m starting to get the grip of it.. oh n yeah.. i’ve started to learn how to drive also.. its great, its fun, its cooooool! i like it ๐Ÿ˜€

hmm, i think i better stop here for now.. will drop by again soon.. till then.. keep clicking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

finally !

November 15, 2007


aha !.. nearly there! last paper.. 1 last hour of agony..(if u can call that agony)… a chemistry mcq paper separates me from what could be perhaps the best holidays i’ve ever had in my entire life.. free from tuitions, revision and i don’t know what! All i got to do..>> Manger, boir, dormi ek AMIZER ! lol (h) !! lol.. indeed.. over 13 years.. tou sa mne appran la p al fini la..dan 1 semaine.. hehe.. but what i really don’t grasp, is the idea of leaving my college.. i’m not saying i want to do 1 more year there (NOT AT ALL!) but it’s just the thoughts of all those happy (and sad) moments gone thru there.. with all my friends.. teachers, and other ppl.. ki ban kk in faner tousa.!! gosh.. i’ll miss all those times..

but just the thoughts of those coming holidays.. and the times ahead..(assuming i get good results to go to some university somewhere..) they just make everything seem so trivial.. and not having not as much importance.. pff

oh..and btw.. today me and a grup of frnds had some much wanted fun at bo bassin.. kot biensur vivek in bien fan so kk aprer ki premier fois Gavin in dne li ene ti ‘zafer’ pou boir.. we even had to go drop him at his house.. “il faut voir pour croir” indeed..this saying applies in his case.. sa kaliT vilain lin fer dan spar la… ena malad ladan.. enfin..had a GREAT time with u all guys.. kan nou remet sa la? hehe… ๐Ÿ˜‰ plan camP la p approcher la…

ANOU MET LA FAYA ZENESS! in ariv ler pou nou amizer ๐Ÿ˜€ …

saturation pt !

November 12, 2007


yes.. u guessed it right.. n i assume that i am not the only one..(this line reminds me of a song..hmm “imagine” by John Lennon).. lol.. yes..bak to my thoughts.. i just go on blablablabla -ing like that..pouring out my thoughts here for u to read.. interesting fact.. gosh..wat am i writing? i guess it’s one of those days when everything goes wrong..pff ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am 9 days from being on holidays.. n i shud say that the coming 3 days are gonna be perhaps the hardest of my life.. (apart perhaps from last week’s physics exams..when i nearly had a glimpse of heaven..if u see wat i mean) ..1 chemistry and 2 physics papers in 2 days.. HELL!! i’ve reached SATURATION pt!! damn these subjects.. actually..thinking abt that.. have u ever wondered why do we all study ?? hmm..interesting question na? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe.. an answer that quickly pops into ur mind..(bulb lighting above ur head!) to earn MONEY!! lol.. some be educated.. but wait a second.. u study all those damn theories to slowly become mad..and u call that to be educated??? WTF!!

there’s no logic in trying to find the logic in something illogical! did man make education or did education make man?? bizarre.. bizarre.. the answer to this question..perhaps no one does..(if u do, gladly leave the answer in the form of a comment:D) it’s like trying to say whether the hen came first or the egg :S we ppl will always follow the idiots that try to turn us into learning machines..with methods including the famous ‘parrot learning’..oh yeah!! does that remind you of some old times.. YES it does.!! pff.. we should try to reform these learning methods in the future.. but how?? the answer wud simply be by being educated..pff..

perhaps the conclusion wud be that nothing can be achieved without education.. or is that without money??? euh… i guess i am at the peak of my saturation pt.. cya later then…

Blog, Blogger, Blogged !

November 6, 2007

who said blogging was difficult?? gosh.. it cudnt have been easier..find a host..create ur space.. add some details…register.. n then off ur mark.. BLOG!.. even in the time of exams i am finding some (not so spare) time to blog around.. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ it will only get better as time moves on and i get to enjoy the post-exams period which are due to be MINE in abt 15days time… hehe… yeah..7 years at college.. cant believe it.. i better keep this post short as just being an intro .. keep blogging!