March 14, 2011

Religion, thou shall not be a barrier..

February 20, 2010

Do we really care ? A simple question to start with.. Do we, people of the 21st century care that much about religion? Well, most of you will say, ‘of course we do’.. But honestly, do you? I write this article today to try voice out what i think and perhaps to be able to know what YOU think..

In today’s world, what matters the most to people is money and status.. Love, affection, and everything else follows.. But hold on, what about God? Now perhaps you’ll say, in this list it doesn’t count, as God is one thing we never forget and who’s always here for us, and that we always care about God.. But come to think about it people, often you don’t.. You think about what’s best for you and seldom do as you please.. Now to believe or not to believe is a choice you have and that is all up to you…

I must point out that here, religion and belief in God are 2 different things.. What this is all about is, how in our modern world, religion is somehow becoming a barrier… And its often  the cause for preventing us from moving forward.. Religion and racism, both work together… I ain’t pinpointing anyone or any specific ethnic group here, please remember this..  But i want you to take a minute and think, whether you have noticed or you know of any cases where because of religion or race, haven’t been able to do something or achieve something else… How in time, religion and race has hampered the progress of some individual..

It is no surprise to anyone of us, and many of you know what i’m talking about.. Long ago, we talked about how the ‘whites’ made slaves out of the ‘black’.. What better example could there be to illustrate this? Now, this has taken a whole new dimension.. In today’s world, OUR modern world and so called, ‘technologically-advanced’ and ‘open-minded’ societies, we still noticed how various ethnic groups are segregated and fight among themselves.. Here in Mauritius, where we call ourselves a ‘multiracial society’, sure it looks beautiful from the eyes of a tourist, when he looks at the people of Mauritius and wonders how come we live so ‘peacefully’ together.. BUT come to look at it through the eyes of a local Mauritian, and its a whole new story.. You will see hatred, anger and perhaps fear.. Even though one doesn’t admit it in the wide open (and surely one won’t), he does hate his fellow countryman, just because he comes from a different religious background.. It is no lie.. This does happen.. People talk.. People talk about everyone.. We’re just slaves of this vicious circle..

Some of us try to break away from this cycle, some manage to, others just remain prisoners.. At least once in his life, he’ll hear his own parents or family, talk negatively about people of a different religion.. Those who break away, think otherwise, then only, do they have an ‘open mind’ and treat everyone as equal.. At work, or anywhere in society, there’s competition as to who should be the best, who’s the strongest.. and i ask WHY ? Why the discrimination? Why the hatred? Why the racism? W-H-Y ??? Are we not all human??? Just because i have been taught a different story about God, that i’m different and no good? Just because my skin color is different that i am inferior?? Seriously people, WHAT THE HELL????

They say Love is Blind… But consider this statement again.. Is it really? Today, i’d say it sees more clearly than anyone.. It sees you.. Today, parents dictate our choices mostly.. If you have to fall in love, fall in love with someone of the same religion, that’s the first lesson they teach you.. But love HAPPENS, you don’t make it happen! Religion is a big barrier when it comes to heart matters… When you love someone, do u go and find out everything first and then fall in love? or does it just happen, and only later on that u start knowing everything? Today, religion should NOT have been such a big deal… Because loving the person is what matters the most.. When you’re a successful individual and so is you beloved, you’re bound to live on a nice life and live well..  But then come the parents.. The latter will start telling you, no he/she should be of the same religion and so on.. if now by chance he/she is of the same religion, they bring up another issue, he/she must be of the same caste.. now SERIOUSLY , WHAT THE F*** ????? Your parents should perhaps think that, YOU are the one making your life now on.. Why do they have to judge you?? Just because people will talk in town?? Why do you even bother?? Coz they got their own life too.. So then wat? WHY the racism? WHY put religion as a barrier??? W-H-Y ? This all goes beyond my understanding… Why on earth when even to love, all this has to come into play??

Why Relgion, Why???

Dear God, why bring religion as barrier in between love?

Dear God, Please don’t make me choose… My faith lies with you, but my love lies elsewhere..

Religion, thou shall not be a barrier, thou shall be my companion… Love shall be my destiny and my victory…

Pathetic !

February 5, 2010

Now now, some time back i did say i was working on a blog article, so here it is.. now why this title? Well of course, there is always a reason as to why my entry titles are so striking.. Obviously, i’m going to tell you why. Some of you might know that some days ago i was talking about how youngsters today are getting more and more crazier and more and more..pathetic.. Again, i must make it a point that whatever i say here are personal views and you might or might not agree..  I write what i believe myself.. So let’s get to the point..

What are we dealing with here? Is it just me or many of you agree with me? Some say, its generation gap getting worse.. Others say that its just the way life is moving too fast for some of us to catch it while some are actually getting the hang of it.. These days we talk about Facebook, Twitter, or i don’t know what more.. We’re talking about Iphones, touch screens, million megapixels cameras and what not else more technological advances.. but hold on, how does that make youngsters pathetic..? Now, you might be wondering i’m talking about youngsters and i’m myself one.. but the thing is, some things might make me different in the way i think.. i’m different..still young though..

Now the other day, i went to this wedding ceremony.. very fancy thing around here.. loads of people, all dressed up  for the occasion and stuff.. but as always my mind is not in what’s happening during the ceremony but instead what’s happening around it, the ‘backstage’ stuff.. my favorite occupation in a boring situation: OBSERVATION-STALKING. now the stalking part is just for note purposes.. Let me explain now.. the only thing i do is to observe how people act or what they talk about… now this might be wrong, but i choose my ‘victims’ 😛 Now this is interesting.. because most of the time, its young girls and boys having conversations about their so called social life.. The world of youngsters is only dominated by technology these days.. The boys showing off their new gadgets out, one better than the other, while the girls are out showing off their own ‘tools’.. Now, i know that we are actually going through economic recession, but correct me if i’m wrong, is that the reason why girls these days seem to be wearing lesser and lesser clothes? well, its their choice and their life also, who are we to judge them.. But the thing is, me being ME, i simply just can’t stop wondering why they are so lame.. they think by wearing less clothes, they become the center of attraction amongst the crowd.. but thinking about, who gives a damn? in weddings, anyways, people that come are just here for a bit of ‘socialization’ time and then for the food…’we came, we ate, we went’.. that’s the motto these days..

Now again coming to the moment when i overheard that small group of youngsters talking.. they were barely 16 or so i guess from their looks.. they were talking about their boyfriends and girlfriends and the things happening in their lives.. My point is, is it the right time for them to engage in such kinds of relationships.. you might as well say, “didn’t you go thru all this when you were at college?” the answer is yes and no.. the point is, at this moment in life, you start to realize  where you perhaps were wrong before, and try to give some free advice to others so that they don’t go through the same things you went through.. Personal experiences might differ from person to person, but seriously, trying out this bf/gf at 16years old, is totally wrong.. you’re young, you want to experience new things, some get into alcohol, others cigarette, and others bf/gf.. that’s the whole point, grow up first then you decide it all.. i might be biased in saying all this.. but again these are my personal views…another piece of advice, never misinterpret lust or ‘ease of getting along’ with love.. that’s a mistake ladies and gentlemen..

well friends, i’ll pen down for now…

Howdy ppl..

feel free to leave your comments and views 🙂

‘Holy’ – days ?

November 20, 2009

As i write to you tonite, i’m preparing to fly back to my dear old home country “MAURITIUS”.. Well looking back at what i’ve done this year far away from my country, i do feel surprised. What i’ve achieved, gone thru, endured, well everything takes its toll on us at the end rite? So now, going back home after 9 long months far away from home does seem strange to me.

As a matter of fact, to tell you truly, i see everyone all excited at going back, packing, doing last minute shoppings for everyone back home, whilst i sat back, pushing all sorts of ‘shopping’ i had to do to the last minute. Is is really bad not to actually ‘feel’ like going back? 9 months of getting used to living on my own, doing everything by myself, and then now going back to where you’ll be ‘pampered’ over the duration of your stay.. Pretty interesting idea for many.. As for me, i feel weird, neither happy nor sad. No feelings at all.. :S

So, then? What about these ‘holy’-days? For us people at uni, they surely ARE Holy!!! Thats the time we get to purify ourselves, refresh and then start all over again. Relaxation is the key word here.. But then again, let’s think about it.. What does our Mauritian Culture say about these holidays.. Time to learn new things, time to meet relatives, time to do this and that, time to plan ahead, time to think about what was done and how was it done, time to think about how it could have been better, time to think how to make things better, time to think how to improve, time to learn for next year.. Well as you can see, it’s not pretty much time to relax is it? :S

“Malaysia, Land of Opportunities” it was said in the Cultural Adaptation Workshop at the start of the year. Indeed, this country did give me the opportunity to discover myself, to fend for myself, to learn, to learn a LOT i should say, and for that i should also be grateful for the wonderful friends i have overhere, both local and international ones. Throughout the 9 months i’ve been here, i’ve done a lot, some things for the first times, some done over and over again, did things wrong, did things right, but in the end, do i care? (yes i do), but i’d say no because sometimes it seems so easy, but deep inside, you know you’ve worked hard to achieve something, so you should be happy with the result you got in the end 😛

As i sit here blogging to you tonite, i look to my left and see my almost completed suitcase, i feel both sad and happy. sad to leave my freedom here and happy to go home and not be free from parental love, sad to leave my own lonesome cocoon and going into the open wild that’s my country, sad to leave the food i ate out almost everyday but happy to go home and enjoy all those awesomely goody good home made food.. Again mixed feelings fog my mind as i’m left wondering what i’ve still not packed with a few hours left.

I better stop here for today and go rest before the trip. Aha! i’ve remembered! i still got the laptop to pack!

So folks, here’s me wishing you all A Happy Jolly Goody Good Holidays and hope its ‘Holy’ for you all!

Be Good, Do Good 🙂

Cheers 😀

Me, My parents, and I

October 20, 2009


Hello Fellas,

I know its been a long time since i wrote here, but no worries, i’m back now and (hopefully) with a bang. I’m here today in the library and its 9.14pm and i am blogging to u guys, while knowing that i’m gonna lose around half an hour of my so called precious time, while i could be well off with my revision.. (revising Electromagnetism sure does its lot to your brain).. well guys while revising and i dont know what more, i came to realise 1 thing, well (obviously thats from my point of view).. the only thing apart from the academic stuff i was thinking about today, was my parents. Being some 6000 miles away does not help but instead add its weight to the case. Well, most of you ppl who are studying far from our beloved motherland, will undoubtedly feel the pain that is to be far from our parents. The idea of this article was buzzing through my mind since quite some time and no doubt the trigger was pulled the other day when one of my friends actually asked me if i ever missed my parents, and thats what got me thinking! DO I MISS MY PARENTS?

Well guys, truth is, I never really thought about it in this particular way. But then, again i asked myself the question and thought about it well. And the answer came with a BANG! Of course, i DO! At first i though i didn’t. Some of you may tell me i’m mad or weird or anything because you cannot be some thousand miles away from the most important people in your life and not actually miss them! True aint it? Well, i’m not weird at all in then end, RIGHT!? aha!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😮

Well truth is i never said openly i missed them.. Coz actually coming here to study made me realise that to succeed you have to try put that emotional link aside. I’ve seen and heard many go down just because they were actually missing their home, their bed, their relatives and this and that.. so first thing i did, coming over here, was to be strong and live life normally, coz here would actually be me ‘home’.. Some didnt understand me, but i did understand myself and that worked perfectly until some got me thinking. Oh well, it doesnt change anything, does it ?

Today, with all the technological means we have at our disposal, certainly, communication is NOT a problem. A text message, an email, a conference call, MSN, Skype, or even the conventional call definitely helps us all to talk to our parents. Well now people should also understand that there is absolutely no need to OVER-communicate as well as UNDER-communicate.. Some ppl i know send msgs everyday and sometimes several msgs in a row just to say what they are doing or what they are up to etc.. some call everyday while in some cases, some get calls once a week and in the extreme cases once every month or so. wat i think is that the once-a-week style does suit many of us. well it does suit me, even if its not my case. but again you might not think as i do. but definitely the over-communication is bad. You’ve been sent away from home for your own good and development and smsing, calling everyday surely doesnt justify that rite? you should have at least some freedom and actually start learning to live your life independently.

Well people, ’nuff said, i think i’m gonna stop here for now… Got more important things to do.. something called REVISION is waiting for me, arms wide open…ohh sorry books and copybooks wide open! :p

Catchup with u guys later 😀

P.S: MUM, DAD, I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU.. This one’s for you

To Shalinee..

July 28, 2009

This post is for you Shal..


Today we left you there at side gate..

Tomorrow morning you’re leaving us all for Mauritius and then to your dreamland AMERICA..

Today we’re not sad, and we should not be.. You are going for your own good, to make your life better.. i’m sure you’ll say how will your life be better without us,”The Bayos”.. It will be.. and it has to be.. For you know we’ll still be here for you, anytime, anywhere..

To Shal,

These few words are for you..

You were my friend, perhaps one of the closest..

You were a friend i never thought i’d have..

You were a friend i wish i had since a long time back..

Moments spent around you were fun,

Moments spent around you were awesome,

Moments spent around you were just..

Moments i wish i’ll have again in the future..

Tomorrow you’ll be gone..

But, with us will remain,

Memories of jokes shared together…

Memories of how you kept running after me, bag in hand..

Memories of how you kept hitting me for no reason..

Memories of how i made u laugh(or cry..)


Today i shed a tear..

But not a tear of sadness..

A tear of joy…

Joy for you..

For the new life you’re gonna have..

For i’m happy for you..

Happy that you’ll be happy..

Today indeed, i shed a tear..

But you must not fear..

i’ll be here..

as a friend,

as a brother,

as a confident..

anytime, anywhere..

God Bless You Shal..

May your new life be successful

Be happy, be all smiles, be yourself..

We love you fifi shal..

We’ll miss you..

This one’s specially for you..


A few (well not so few) months later..

June 9, 2009

now now.. its been quite a while since i last wrote in here.. so maybe i’ll try to update u on as much as possible.. but that might take a post or 2.. well this post i’ll most probably dedicate it to my friends.. and the little family we kinda form around in here.. (for those who dont know (yet) or have forgotten.. i live or rather study overhere in Malaysia.. intending on graduating from here as an engineer..*keep fingers crossed*.. ^.^ )

So, a family is it ? Then who are the members ? we all know Mauritius is quite some multicultural society.. n our little ‘family’ quite reflects that.. Good/Bad? i’d say LOVELY family.. We’ve got it all.. like the old quote..”The Good, The Bad, and the (not ugly) but LOVELY” in our case..

Ladies first..

1st: Joanna

Mémé JO, as she’s affectionately known as..  She does it all for us.. She cares? or does she ? for all of us.. can be a crazy character sometimes.. often goes into overdrive mode.. and u’d rather not want to confront her when she’s not have her usual dosage of sleep.. *havoc* well, well, she’s one intelligent Mémé Jo, a high achiever, and sort-of, perfectionnist.. Thank you, dear ol’ JO..

2nd: Shalinee

Fifi Shal, the young daughter of the family.. (daddy comes somwhere later in this article, keep reading fellas).. somewhat on the outgoing scale.. definitely crazy, smart.. and altogether, whole lot clumsy.. a bit of a tubelight.. yet, often understands a lot from little, sometimes way too much.. but we wont blame her for that, will we? after all, she’s from Qec, ppl.. hope on graduating as engineer from somewhere in america.. but i still dont get it why she’s studied world war 2 and history, in order to build planes.. serioulsy ppl.. WTH ?..

3rd: Ayesha

Tantine Ayesha, one of the most interesting characters of the family.. the most hardworking? well, only in needed moments, like maybe on the eve of submitting an assignment or a lab report.. but intelligent she is, and u dont need to be a genius to figure that out,.. that she’s one unique piece… football and sports addict, hardcore LP fan, nocturnal girl, u never know when does she sleep, or if actually she ever practices the art that is sleeping.. she’s the cool and down to earth Tantine Ayesha..

4th: Varsha

Fifi Varsh, or affectionately known as little miss ti poule or ‘ayam kecil’ is perhaps the most funny member of our little family.. living quite far from us, the few times we ever meet up for a family dinner, there cannot be a single time where nothing funny happens around her, where often, she’s done something wrong, or being the ultimate ‘tubelight’, she takes time to understand what we are up to.. The Family’s never bored with her around.. u know we love u ti poule.. 😛 Does the family remember the Carl Jr’s episode? plane? duty free shop? do i need to add more ? 😛

5th: Teerousha

A new member of the family, but who seems to have been here for quite a while, nicknamed ‘mami’.. but some unknown and not so obvious reasons, she’s the ultimate laughing machine. Clumsy, funny, yet adorable. Fifi Shal’s partner she is in almost everything, she knows how to tease, but often ends up being teased by the others herself.. The only one around who’s planning on majoring in psychology, she’s herself an open book to read in, and too predictible. but as we all say, practice makes perfect.. who knows, she might read ur mind in a few months time.. *spooky thought*.. lol

Gentlemen follow..

1st: Kaneesh

Known to everyone as Kahn or bayo, he’s the ‘beautiful mind’ of the family.. l’enfant exemplaire.. does his homework, eats his food, and everything that goes along. but wait, he also knows how to laugh, and surely make ppl laugh, u can always count on him.. if u got a problem in practically any subject.. who do u end up turning to? Bayo of course.. Following Tantine Ayesh, he’s one who does not sleep, well he does maybe.. but often may go up to 24 hours without sleep. do count on him to catch up after though..he might not answer ur calls or msgs for quite a while 😛

2nd: Shuhaib

Also known as Bino to all of us.. he’s Fifi Shal’s half brother.. (now dont ask me why,thats complicated ppl).. now thats called the most most euh.. funny? bouffon? now thats a kid who knows wat he’s up to.. but often ends up doing 1-2 things wrong, n then lands himself into really weird situations.. he’s the joke machine, u can always count on him to say something that will definitely make u laugh ur guts out.. do count on him to do weird things or try weirdo food overhere.. till now he’s not found a single food item thats not edible in his list.. farts, burps, wondering around the house almost naked, playboy. he has it all.. Fifi Shal described his half bro as being a ‘rainbow’.. up to u guys to figure it all out..

3rd: Raiyan

Famously known as Rayx, bro of shuhaib, n of the other kids.. he’s the special one of his kind.. the ultimate Man Utd fan.. he’d die for them.. “my blood is red, red is the color of Man Utd..” raiyan, gifted football player.. known to be calm and quiet.. he can have his ‘moments’ where he can be on the teasing side.. then u wont be able to escape.. known to be a good cook, is the calm kiddo in the place.. 1 piece of advice, never insult Man Utd in front of him, that might be the last thing u’ll ever do.. 🙂

4th: Sooman

ahh… the colorful kid, we adopted..(from i dont know where, and i dont know why).. an integral part of the family now. likes clubbing where he teams up with Fifi Shal to form a ‘duo de choc’ .. avid drinker. he’s known to like the good things.. nicknamed ‘Prince madras’ by Bino, he certainly lives up to the name when he’s got the chance.. ‘why not?’ he’d say if u asked.. Pierced, who knows, a tattoo might be on the way? wat say ? did i mention that he’s one of the only mauritian’s i know to date who does NOT like ‘du riz, bouillon’ ? but on the other side, he’s one of the real mauritians out there, likes everything else related to the island..

5th: Anuraag

The Bayo Supreme, as he’s known.. for whom everyone is a bayo and who can easily befriend ANYONE out there, he’s certainly famous for the things he’s said.. while not everytime being right, often goes off topic, making a fool of himself, but who cares, thats the fun about it, he’ll say. he’s certainly got the guts to do weird things, but can end up being a ‘lapino’ in a few cases.. listen to him talk 1 day, he can about about 3 different situations and ppl in a single sentence which actually can have no meaning.. but guess wat, u’ll probably choke laughing.. of course he’ll realise that a few minutes later, and end up laughing too.. funny funny..

and then there’s me…

well i’m just me 🙂
And that’s our little family, there are some other special appearence members, which i’ll probably talk about later.. till then..

God Bless my family..

Love u ppl 🙂

a few members of the family..

Fifi Varsh..13072008(017)



a few members of the family..